Thursday, 26 January 2012

More glass pendants

Here are some more glass pendants, again for sale at £4.50 and again without chains. Email me on if you are interested in buying any of the designs on here or just have a query.  :-)

Domino Pendants

These pendants are recycled domino pendants and are for sale at £5.50 each.  If you are interested just email me on  :-)

Glass Pendants details

The glass pendants in the previous post are for sale at £4.50 each.  At present they don't come with chains, but future pendants I make will do.  I now have a dedicated email for sales and enquiries, which is

Glass Pendants

Glass Pendants

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

 This is a detail of the pendant on the green glass bead necklace below.

 Glass bead necklace finished off with handmade glass pendant. £12

Wolf howling at the moon bracelet with ruby zoisite chips and moonstone beads. £9

Amber glass bead earings £3.50
 Blue glass bead earings £3.50

 Glass and metal bead flower earings £3.50

 Purple and green glass bead earings £4.00

 Labrodorite chips and beads finished off with silver butterfly charms. £6

 Garnet and glass beads finished off with silver dragonfly charms. £6

Blue goldstone with glass beads finished off with silver moon and stars charms. £6

Handpainted Autumn Goddess mirror. Approx 29cm at its widest point. £18  :-)

Trinket boxes for sale

These are small hand painted papier mache trinket boxes decorated with glass beads.  The heart shaped one is £4.50 and the other two are £4.00.  Just email me on if you are interested in buying any.  :-)



I've started this blog to show the things I make that are for sale.  I make jewellery, boxes, mirrors and all sorts of other things.  If you see something you would like to buy, comment on it or email me at

Liz  :-)